Fireworks’ project to commission new music and perform masterworks from the last fifty years.

“Winning acclaim from critics and fans around the country, Fireworks has become one of the most exciting bands in postclassical music… The group (which might be mistaken for an alt rock band if you spotted them on the street) can handle a wide variety of repertoire. Anyone who likes classical and edgy contemporary music should catch this [ensemble] and see firsthand evidence that postclassical music is alive and rocking.” — Brett Campbell, Eugene Weekly

  1. Beside a Pool David Del Tredici; Courtenay Budd, Fireworks Ensemble, Steven Mercurio 1:00
  2. Mixed Messages David Kechley; Fireworks Ensemble 1:00
  3. Sextet Brian Coughlin; Fireworks Ensemble 1:00

Fireworks’ Pyrotechnics project includes music as far ranging as Morton Feldman’s Projections, Luciano Berio’s Sequenzas, and Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music along with dozens of commissioned works by both emerging composers and established masters—such as Glenn Branca, Scott Johnson, and David Del Tredici.