A bold new interpretation of the traditional mass for the dead for amplified chamber ensemble and chorus.

“Gregorian chant meets indie rock combined with the lush choral sounds of Arvo Pärt and Carl Orff to create an original sound world that bridges the old and the new.” – Torrington Register Citizen

  1. Dies Irae Brian Coughlin; Fireworks Ensemble 1:00
  2. Lux Aeterna Brian Coughlin; Fireworks Ensemble 1:00
  3. Lacrimosa Brian Coughlin; Fireworks Ensemble 1:00

Brian Coughlin’s eclectic take on the requiem mass pairs a chorus with amplified instruments while juxtaposing ancient Latin texts with rock-style settings of original poetry. The hour-long work offers a fresh perspective on themes of loss, sacrifice, and the fragility of the human experience, transforming the lament for the dead into a celebration of life, renewal, and hope.